The concept of housing at AIDS Services of Dallas (ASD) encompasses much more than simply providing individuals and families suffering from HIV/AIDS with a place to stay. In fact, each of the 125 units provide up to 225 men, women and children with one of the most effective defenses in the battle against AIDS – a home. The residents of ASD share a common bond in that everyone’s life has been affected in some way by AIDS. It is a community of families and individuals, each working together to accomplish personal goals, and finding support in each other to do so.

The Housing Program provides furnished, service-enriched housing and assisted living in private apartments. Many of the people served by ASD are formerly homeless and live significantly below the federal poverty line and are classified either as low- or very low-income. ASD never turns away prospective residents because of an inability to pay, as the disease does not discriminate on a basis of economics.

ASD is the largest licensed provider of medically supportive housing for people living with HIV/AIDS in Texas. Currently, ASD provides its services in four facilities: Ewing Center, Revlon Apartments, Hillcrest House, and Spencer Gardens.

Development of the facilities has been a collaborative effort among a variety of public and private organizations.

  • Ewing Center consists of 22 units, 5 one-bedroom apartments, 15 efficiencies, and 2 special need beds/rooms.
  • Revlon Apartments are designed to accommodate individuals and families, with 20 one-bedroom and 7 two-bedroom apartments.
  • Completed in September 1996, Hillcrest House is unique in that it provides service to individuals who are formerly homeless and living with AIDS/HIV. Hillcrest has 64 single-unit efficiencies.
  • Spencer Gardens, named in memory of Diana, Princess of Wales, opened its doors in August of 1998 and provides housing for 12 low-income families affected by the virus.