Food Services

The agency provides nutritious morning and noonday meals five days each week through a paid cooking staff. It further coordinates dinner meals through the innovative Supper Club volunteer program. ASD’s Food Services Program provides a means by which the nutritional needs of its client population can be met.

ASD supplements the evening meal program (Supper Club) and the provision of basic food staples from the Resource Center of Dallas Food Pantry and the North Texas Food Bank, addressing ongoing client needs for supplemental dietary and household necessities.

Maintaining an ongoing nutritional program for ASD’s residents is vital due to the cyclical patterns of this disease. During periods in the progression of the disease, it is not uncommon for residents to be too ill or too weak to prepare their own meals.

ASD’s capacity to fund these essential needs of people living with AIDS (PLWAs) enhances the overall quality of service provided by the agency. The Food Services Program regularly provides carryout meals services for residents unable to utilize the common dining room at each facility.